Happy Halloween – Pumpkin Chunkin’ Style!

I work for Atlantic BT in Raleigh, NC.  When we aren’t working hard building websites, we organize some pretty great cultural events.  One of my favorites is the annual Pumpkin Chunkin’.  We get all of our employees, their friends/families, and our clients together every year to eat great food, enjoy some delicious beverages, hang out, check out the creative pumpkin carvings from the employees – and of course then launch those pumpkins from a giant trebuchet across the parking lot to see which one will fly the farthest.  And even more entertaining – which one will barely make it out of the contraption.  It’s always a good time, rain or shine, and luckily we were blessed with some great weather this year.

What great event is complete without some fun cookies?!  I started my blog just about a year ago, but I didn’t make any Halloween cookies last year, so this is my first time posting them.  I really had a good time with these.

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I had fortunate enough to have some family members who are not only very supportive of my time consuming cookie habit, but they also like to help out 🙂

The cookies were a hit at the party, and from what I gather, they seem to taste pretty good too.  Win-win!

My pumpkin carving didn’t win any awards this year, but I still think he’s cute enough to share here.  I was inspired by my nephew, Jack.  I sent a pic to my sister up in Ohio and Jack ran into school all excited to tell his teacher that his LaLa made a Curios George pumpkin!  I’ll take that over a trophy 🙂


Happy Halloween everyone!

❤ LL