Happy St. Patty’s Day!

I received a request to make some Shamrock cookies for a birthday party this week. I made some solid green ones last night and felt like they needed a little something extra. I needed something that was not going to take too long to dry because they needed to be ready the next day. Typically, if you use sanding sugar, it helps set the icing faster. I’m hoping they are happy with the results. I’m loving them! Happy Birthday to Lyon and Thank you to Stewart and Kristen for the order 🙂






Next up – Easter eggs! Doesn’t it feel strange to have these two holidays so close together? I am really loving the warm weather we have already here in NC. I can never get enough of the sun. Here’s to hope

❤ LL


Baby Boy Shower

I made some cookies for a baby shower that a friend of mine attended this past weekend. I’m really loving the color of these. This springtime weather we are having lately is very fitting for the pastel spring-like colors!

I hadn’t broken out my sailboat cookie cutter in probably 5+ years, so that was a fun one to make. The teddy bears are easily one of my all-time favorites. I made half the bears with the solid brown flood icing and the other half with different designs using all of the colors in the batch. I know some people don’t like a ton of icing on their cookies, and it’s also fun to play with different designs.



I’m really happy with how they turned out and it sounds like they were a hit at the party! Thank you, Jennifer! I am already working on my next couple of orders, so you will be seeing those soon. I will be making some for a St. Patty’s Day birthday and also some for Easter.

❤ LL


My brother is getting married!

I knew I wanted to do something special for my brother’s wedding, but it took me a while to decide on the details. I’ve made cookies for a few weddings, but I wanted to try something a little different. I thought the cursive L would make for cool looking cookie, and I couldn’t find a cookie cutter that shape anywhere. So I actually had this cookie cutter custom made. I took an image of a cursive L and created a shape around it so I knew that it would fit. Ended up with what looks like an amoeba, but the finished product was exactly what I wanted 🙂

The rest was pretty easy. I used some edible markers to write love on the background of the cookies and I used the colors of the wedding (navy blue and gold). I’m really happy with how they turned out. They were the favors for the rehearsal dinner and they were quite a hit! Some people there were already aware of my minor cookie decorating obsession/hobby, but many others had never seen any of them before and couldn’t believe I hand-wrote love on the background of all the cookies. That was actually really easy! I found a few brands of edible markers on Amazon – these are the ones I used.

20150603_225029 20150603_225250 2015-06-04 11.19.22One mistake I made was starting to write on them too soon. I let the white icing sit for probably 3 or 4 hours and that was nowhere near long enough. They didn’t bleed right away, but the next day, they were a mess. I had to remake quite a few of them. So lesson learned there. The royal icing should really sit overnight before you do anything like that.

The gold L was made by just using some yellow colored icing and covering it with gold sprinkles before it dried. They are the same sprinkles I use for the diamond ring cookies. The mini hearts were just an added touch. I made 4 different designs and there were 3 in each bag (one behind the big cookie that you can’t see). I highly recommend using these treat bags by Wilton. The shape makes it much easier to arrange the cookies and tie them up and they are the perfect size for small favors like these.

Congratulations to Meg & Josh! I’m off to get ready for the wedding!

April showers bring May cookie flowers

So I went months without posting, and sadly without baking much, and now I have 2 posts within a week! First of all, Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! These flower cookies were an order I received from a friend and former coworker of mine for a mother’s day gift for his mom 🙂 Thank you, Mitch!




Now let’s not forget about the dads. Father’s Day will be here before you know it – June 21st! For all the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill peeps – check out humblymade.com for some awesome locally designed and printed tshirts! My personal favorite:


❤ LL

Party like it’s 2015!!!

Happy New Year!

I wanted to put up a quick post of my latest batch – and first batch of 2015!  I was asked to make some cookies for a party to match the black/white/gold decor that also incorporated chevron and polka dot patterns.  It was a new challenge for me, which is always fun.  As much as I loved making all the Christmas cookies this season, I was ready to change things up a bit.

I decided to go with the gold sprinkles that I use for the diamond ring cookies.  I highly recommend these sprinkles over regular sanding sugar.

pearlized sugar

Chevron Cookie

Chevron Cookie

Chevron & Polka Dot Cookies

Chevron & Polka Dot Square Cookies Chevron & Polka Dot Circle Cookies

 I’m really happy with how these turned out.  It’s not something I would have thought to try on my own, which is what has made this blog so great for me.  I’ve been able to share my creative outlet for those that are interested, and in return you have presented me with challenges and suggestions to try new ideas.

Until next time 🙂

❤ LL

She Said Yes!!!

I know it’s been months since I posted last.  I don’t tend to bake a lot when it’s 90 degrees outside, but I’ve been itching to bet back in the habit lately.  And boy did I have a great reason to get back to it!

Another engagement between two amazing people, Andrea and Justin, who just happen to be great friends of mine!  Now that he has proposed, I can finally say that I was so excited to get to be a small part of proposal.  Justin is easily one of the most thoughtful guys I’ve ever met, and he cooked up quite a surprise weekend for Andrea in Asheville, NC.  I got a message from him that started like this…

So I hope you are able to keep a secret because I am going to let you in on a big one. I am getting ready to propose to Andrea. And I need a little help from you to set the stage….

I froze.  I work with Andrea and she sits pretty much right behind me.  I wasn’t sure if she was there or not when I was reading the message, but I also know I am horrible at containing emotion on any level and I was not about to ruin this surprise, so I just didn’t move until she left the building.  Which luckily was only 10 minutes later, ha!

The “little help” he needed was for me to delivery a surprise mystery package to her without her knowing where it came from.  It was a box filled with some hints for an upcoming weekend – including one saying she needed to pack a bag and request off October 10th from work.   I am a horrible liar yet somehow pulled off quite a show when she asked if I knew where the box came from that magically appeared on her desk.  Who me?  No, Andrea, I have no idea how that box magically appeared on your desk once you FINALLY left for a moment to run to the bathroom 😉  (Thank you to everyone on our side of the building that didn’t rat me out btw)  Now I just had to keep my mouth shut for 3 more weeks.  No. Big. Deal.  What?!

Their weekend was a great success and these two lovebirds are going to tie the knot!!!

Andrea & Justin

But first, how ’bout some custom cookies from ♥♥ Yours Truly ♥♥

Gold Diamond Ring Cookies

Gold Diamond Ring Cookies

Andrea/Justin Heart Cookies

They met and fell in love in Raleigh – and got engaged in Asheville – see what I did there? 😉

North Carolina Cookie

Andrea & Justin's Engagement Basket

Wishing these two all the very very best and a lifetime of love and happiness!!

Hopefully you will all be seeing a lot more from me soon.  I want to make some Halloween, Fall, and Thanksgiving cookies, so check back soon!

♥ LL

Sweet Summertime

Helloooooooo friends!

It’s been way too long!  So you know that part on my About Me where I said I started this blog to motivate me to bake more often and stop being a workaholic?  Well I haven’t been doing an awesome job of that lately, so I’m going to try to fix that.  Luckily I’ve had a few people contact me recently with orders, so that will keep me going.

So this batch was thanks to my awesome friend, Andrea.  She ordered them for a birthday of a friend of hers for this weekend.  They are celebrating on Ocracoke Island!  So she asked for beach themed cookies. I haven’t done anything like that in a few years, so I was pretty pumped.  Plus she asked for really bright colors.  So my canvases and color palette looked a lil like this…


ImageThen the fun began!  I had never made palm trees, starfish, margherita glasses, or flip flops before.  So I was pretty excited to get started.  I nerded out big time.  I put on Friday Night Lights on Netflix and a couple episodes later, I had these…





I even had a request the next day for some cookies for a client at work, so I made some more 🙂


I hope these cookies make you smile 🙂  And I hope you all have fun plans for this Memorial Day weekend!  Get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

Until next time…

❤ LL

Chillin’ with my Peeps

I didn’t get a chance to make many Easter cookies this year since I planned a vacation for this week, but I bought some Peeps® cookie cutters a couple months ago and I wasn’t about to let the season pass by without trying those out.  I feel like some people either love the Peeps® candy or hate it.  I am definitely a big fan.  There are very few things out there made purely of sugar that I don’t like 🙂



I hope you all have a great Easter and enjoy some sweets of your own!  Have a great weekend!

♥ LL

I Mustache You a Question

So this batch was a bit of a unique one for me.  At my office, we have had an annual Beard Off the least few years.  This year, we decided to change it up a bit and have just an overall facial hair competition.  We pair it up with a chili cook-off.  One of my favorite events that our company puts on.  I was asked to make some mustache cookies for the party this year, and I definitely couldn’t turn it down.  Oddly enough, that’s one cookie cutter I didn’t already own, so I hit the interwebs to see what was available.  I found these…

ImageThat’s right – 5 styles of staches.  Thanks to Amazon Prime, I had those in 48 hours.  Couldn’t wait to see how they’d turn out.


Now to decide how to decorate them?  There are the obvious classic black mustaches…. But I decided to mix it up a bit and add some more color.  I even made some salt/pepper staches.





Overall, I think they were a hit.  They were gone before the event was done, so I took that as a good sign.  They were definitely a fun batch to make and I’m hoping I have a reason to make them again sometime soon.

Until next time…

♥ LL

Celebrating 5 years in Raleigh!

My friends, Tera and Tom, are celebrating their 5 year anniversary of moving to Raleigh this weekend.  They generously decided to throw a party to celebrate with their friends.  They both have been very supportive of me and my cookie business since this started a few months ago, so I wanted to come up with something unique to make for their party.

So walk through this with me:  Tera & Tom = TnT = dynamite/fireworks…..see what I did there?  I tried to find a cookie cutter in the shape of a stick of dynamite.  Not so sure that exists.  BUT I did find something pretty close – a firecracker!  And I threw in some stars with 5’s’ on them to commemorate the year.


I was really flattered by the response these got at the party.  They were a hit and disappeared pretty quickly.  I even saw people taking pictures of them and with them.  The cookie nerd inside of me was smiling 🙂

I hope you enjoyed these! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking them out.  I’m already working on the next batch – come back soon to check them out!

♥ LL