Tyler’s Dirty 30

My friend (and one of the sweetest guys I know), Tyler, turns 30 this week. I was fortunate enough to celebrate with him, his beautiful wife Rachel, and a bunch of his friends in Asheville, NC over this past weekend. I have been dying to visit Asheville since I moved to North Carolina! What a great reason to finally go.

Rachel asked if I could make some cookies for the weekend, and of course I was happy to. Considering what I knew what we would be partaking in most of the weekend, here is what I came up with and the process from the beginning of the design to the finished product:

The cookies were a big hit ūüôā ¬†I’ve also gotten several orders in the past week, so look out for some more posts. I have a unique order I did around Christmas that I need to dig up the pictures for as well. Better late than never right?

I know it’s been several months since my last post – sorry about that. I bought my first home last September¬†and I’ve been a little busy furnishing/decorating/painting – so so so many DIY projects. LOVING¬†it! I may post some stuff on here about them just because I’ve become slightly obsessed.

‚̧ LL


Birthday Cookies – Part II

I know I posted birthday cookies recently Рbut it sparked some interest, and I was able to get a little more practice making some last week.  My friend, Melissa, ordered some from me Рso I was all for trying them out again.  This time I added in some party hats too.  I decided to change it up a bit with the colors.  I also changed the order that I was icing the parts of the cake with.  With the first batch, I did the cake icing first, thinking it would easiest with the sprinkles.  This time, I frosted the two layers of cake, let those dry for a 1-2 hours, then I added the icing layers between and added the sprinkles. Personally, I think these came out better.  It actually looks like icing dripping down the side of the cakes.  What do you think?


Did I mention how much I’m loving these pans?

20140202_141407 20140202_141416 20140202_141424 20140202_141433

I’m getting excited to start all the Valentine’s Day cookies! ¬†They are up next! ¬†I hope everyone is having a great week!

‚ô• LL