Ohio Wedding

These cookies were made for a bridal shower/bachelorette weekend in Ohio for a wedding taking place on July 3rd. A dear friend of mine asked me to make cookie favor bags for the bride and her request was inspired by the last batch that I did for my brother’s wedding. So I was able to pull out the edible markers again and try something a little different out with those. We were originally going to use the bride and groom’s initials, but it looked a lot better when I wrote out their names instead. I added the wedding date at the bottom with the pink hearts to add a pop of color and match the other small cookie hearts in the bag. The wedding colors are blush pink and bright pink with touches of silver – so that’s where the silver diamond rings came in.

As I mentioned in my last post – it is very important to let the icing sit for several hours (ideally overnight) before writing with the edible markers to prevent bleed. I even left them under a ceiling fan overnight. Can’t be too cautious right? 🙂



Ohio Wedding Cookies

Ohio Wedding Cookies


Shower Time!

I know haven’t posted in a while.  But that’s just because I was saving up for an extra special one. Two of my favorite people are getting married!!!  Yes, I’ve told you all this already – Rachel and Tyler.  I made some engagement cookies for them last year.  Well this past weekend, I threw the beautiful bride a shower.  So of course I found a way to work some cookies into the party 🙂

I am posting a bunch of pics of the party as well because, well, why not?  I had the best time planning it with my mom and I am pretty proud of how it turned out. Rachel already has such a beautiful theme for her wedding, so I just went right along with it.



Cookie Favors!


So I tried to make these lil signs look like chalkboards to match the theme


20140726_170636 (1)



Mimosa Bar!!!


Watermelon Mimosa – Highly recommend



Big thanks to everyone who came and joined us yesterday.  And thank you to Rachel for allowing us to host.  Love you!

Until next time…

❤ LL




Bridal Shower Cookies

Happy Friday!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post.  I’ve been so busy actually making cookies (and working) to be able to post about making cookies.  I’m trying to catch up.  I have a couple batches to post about, but I wanted to start with this one.  This order was just picked up yesterday for a bridal shower this weekend.  It was an order I received after making the bridesmaids cookies that I posted in January.  Very similar order, but different colors.


Since these were cookies that I have done before, I feel like I’m getting  a little better at them.  People have asked me if I get bored making the same types of cookies for multiple orders – definitely not.  I feel like each time I make a certain shape/style of cookie, I improve it in some way.  I learn from the time before.  I either find a more efficient way to do it, or find ways to make it look just a little bit better.  So I like getting the practice.  Plus I’m always trying new things with design.  Keeps it fun!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  I will be posting more very soon 🙂

♥ LL

Cookie Favors for Bridesmaids!

I was recently asked to make some cookie favors for the bridal party of one of my good friends, Laura. We talked about a few options, and she seemed to be a big fan of the champagne glasses I had made for NYE and the diamond rings.  We also thought that hearts would always work to add some extra color.  She sent me a pic of her bridesmaids dresses so I could try to match the blue.  Here is what I came up with:



I’ve changed up the rings a little bit – added posts to the side instead of the diamond taking up the entire top of the cookieImage


994370_10101680811537028_75000205_n The beautiful bride.  Thanks for the order, LB!

♥ LL

Tricia’s Wedding Cookies!

As it grew closer to my best friend’s wedding in October, I thought more and more about what I wanted to give her.  I knew I wanted to incorporate some custom cookies in her gift some how.  I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to do it, so I looked to her registry for some inspiration.   I went to Macy’s with my mom looking for something that might spark an idea.  I stumbled upon a cookie jar/tin that she registered for and I was SO excited!  The rest was easy.  I mean – I’m not going to give someone an empty cookie jar.  That would just be rude 😉

As I searched through the rest of the registry, I picked up a couple other things – one of which was a set of kitchen towels with rolling pins on them.  I decided to pick those up and use the colors in the towels as my color palette for icing.  I debated on shapes to make.  It was a Fall wedding – so do I do leaves?  Do I do a wedding theme?  Hearts?

I went with wedding cakes and hearts because I had never tackled the wedding cake cookie before and I was anxious to try it.  (Plus I can work the leaves into my Thanksgiving batches here shortly.)  I went with the double hearts as well – though it would be cute to personalize them with their initials.

new collage

— Side note:  I’m trying to be better about taking progressive shots along the process —

I filled up her cookie jar full of cookies, and I also made gift boxes for all of her girlfriends that came out to celebrate for dinner and drinks the weekend before the wedding on Hilton Head Island.  I found the semi-transparent plastic take-out boxes and iridescent paper at Michael’s  – simple custom party favor that everyone seemed to enjoy.  I was honored that Tricia used some of the cookies just a few days later at the rehearsal dinner.

I have a few more that I will posting soon.  I’ve been a busy baker lately!  I hope that keeping up this blog will inspire and motivate me to bake more often.   Please feel free to reply to any post with any ideas/comments/questions.

♥ LL