Happy Easter

I’m back again 🙂 I had another special request for a birthday – this time it falls on Easter. Some friends of mine made their own custom invites for their daughter’s birthday that had a really great color palette. They sent me a digital copy of the images of the eggs on the invitation so I could try to match the colors.

Here are the images from the invitation:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.06.29 PM

And here is what I came up with:


Matching colors can always be a challenge, but I think I was pretty close on these. The darker the color, the harder it is to match without using too much coloring. One thing to always keep in mine when making royal icing is that the colors become richer and more vibrant after they sit for a while – at least a few hours, if not overnight. The navy blue originally looked more like a dark grayish-blue to me. But once I let it sit overnight, I was very pleased with how it turned out.

I have 2 more batches I need to get moving on this weekend. Shapes that I haven’t done before and one is actually to use as a fundraiser at my nephew’s school. Stay tuned!

❤ LL


Tyler’s Dirty 30

My friend (and one of the sweetest guys I know), Tyler, turns 30 this week. I was fortunate enough to celebrate with him, his beautiful wife Rachel, and a bunch of his friends in Asheville, NC over this past weekend. I have been dying to visit Asheville since I moved to North Carolina! What a great reason to finally go.

Rachel asked if I could make some cookies for the weekend, and of course I was happy to. Considering what I knew what we would be partaking in most of the weekend, here is what I came up with and the process from the beginning of the design to the finished product:

The cookies were a big hit 🙂  I’ve also gotten several orders in the past week, so look out for some more posts. I have a unique order I did around Christmas that I need to dig up the pictures for as well. Better late than never right?

I know it’s been several months since my last post – sorry about that. I bought my first home last September and I’ve been a little busy furnishing/decorating/painting – so so so many DIY projects. LOVING it! I may post some stuff on here about them just because I’ve become slightly obsessed.

❤ LL

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I traveled to South Carolina for a birthday party for a dear friend this past weekend. Her sisters threw her a beautiful Cinco de Mayo themed party and I thought it was a great opportunity to make some cookies! It’s been a long time since I posted. I need to get better about this.

The cookies were a hit and I’ll be making more very soon!


Now for some real margaritas to celebrate today!

❤ LL

Birthday Cookies – Part II

I know I posted birthday cookies recently – but it sparked some interest, and I was able to get a little more practice making some last week.  My friend, Melissa, ordered some from me – so I was all for trying them out again.  This time I added in some party hats too.  I decided to change it up a bit with the colors.  I also changed the order that I was icing the parts of the cake with.  With the first batch, I did the cake icing first, thinking it would easiest with the sprinkles.  This time, I frosted the two layers of cake, let those dry for a 1-2 hours, then I added the icing layers between and added the sprinkles. Personally, I think these came out better.  It actually looks like icing dripping down the side of the cakes.  What do you think?


Did I mention how much I’m loving these pans?

20140202_141407 20140202_141416 20140202_141424 20140202_141433

I’m getting excited to start all the Valentine’s Day cookies!  They are up next!  I hope everyone is having a great week!

♥ LL

Nancy’s Birthday + RDU Baton

I’m surprised that I’ve been writing this blog for a few months now and this is the first batch of birthday cookies I’ve done.  BUT I am very happy that my first birthday cookie post is for one of my closest friends, Nancy.  It’s her golden birthday!  Do you know what that means?  I had no idea until a few days ago, thanks to Google.  Your golden birthday is when you turn the age of the date of the birth.  For example – today is January 27th, Nancy is turning 27.  My birthday is July 20th.  Let’s just say my golden birthday was…. a really long time ago 🙂

Today is also a special day for me because I am carrying the RDU Baton here in Raleigh, NC.  What is that might you ask?  In the words of the founders, “a collaborative photo project to show the world (and to remind ourselves) how amazing life in the Research Triangle is, through Instagram.”  Nancy’s birthday dinner will be one of my later stops for the day.  But before that, I will be giving the baton followers a glimpse of what a day in the life of me is like.  You can follow them on Instagram and/or twitter – @rdubaton.  All archived photos/posts are also available on their site, rdubaton.com.

20140127_00165920140127_00150120140127_01435520140127_002202 20140127_005759 20140127_005827 20140127_005836 20140127_005904 20140127_005914

Thanks for stopping by!  I know I’ll be pretty busy here soon with Valentine’s Day batches.  Looking forward to it 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

♥ LL