Nancy’s Birthday + RDU Baton

I’m surprised that I’ve been writing this blog for a few months now and this is the first batch of birthday cookies I’ve done.  BUT I am very happy that my first birthday cookie post is for one of my closest friends, Nancy.  It’s her golden birthday!  Do you know what that means?  I had no idea until a few days ago, thanks to Google.  Your golden birthday is when you turn the age of the date of the birth.  For example – today is January 27th, Nancy is turning 27.  My birthday is July 20th.  Let’s just say my golden birthday was…. a really long time ago 🙂

Today is also a special day for me because I am carrying the RDU Baton here in Raleigh, NC.  What is that might you ask?  In the words of the founders, “a collaborative photo project to show the world (and to remind ourselves) how amazing life in the Research Triangle is, through Instagram.”  Nancy’s birthday dinner will be one of my later stops for the day.  But before that, I will be giving the baton followers a glimpse of what a day in the life of me is like.  You can follow them on Instagram and/or twitter – @rdubaton.  All archived photos/posts are also available on their site,

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Thanks for stopping by!  I know I’ll be pretty busy here soon with Valentine’s Day batches.  Looking forward to it 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

♥ LL


Celebrating 5 years in Raleigh!

My friends, Tera and Tom, are celebrating their 5 year anniversary of moving to Raleigh this weekend.  They generously decided to throw a party to celebrate with their friends.  They both have been very supportive of me and my cookie business since this started a few months ago, so I wanted to come up with something unique to make for their party.

So walk through this with me:  Tera & Tom = TnT = dynamite/fireworks…..see what I did there?  I tried to find a cookie cutter in the shape of a stick of dynamite.  Not so sure that exists.  BUT I did find something pretty close – a firecracker!  And I threw in some stars with 5’s’ on them to commemorate the year.


I was really flattered by the response these got at the party.  They were a hit and disappeared pretty quickly.  I even saw people taking pictures of them and with them.  The cookie nerd inside of me was smiling 🙂

I hope you enjoyed these! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking them out.  I’m already working on the next batch – come back soon to check them out!

♥ LL

Cookie Favors for Bridesmaids!

I was recently asked to make some cookie favors for the bridal party of one of my good friends, Laura. We talked about a few options, and she seemed to be a big fan of the champagne glasses I had made for NYE and the diamond rings.  We also thought that hearts would always work to add some extra color.  She sent me a pic of her bridesmaids dresses so I could try to match the blue.  Here is what I came up with:



I’ve changed up the rings a little bit – added posts to the side instead of the diamond taking up the entire top of the cookieImage


994370_10101680811537028_75000205_n The beautiful bride.  Thanks for the order, LB!

♥ LL

“Cookie Dough” Piggy Bank

So, when I started this blog, I never thought in a million years that it would spark such an interest with my friends and family.  I have been incredibly flattered and humbled by the response.  You all will never truly know how much it has meant to me.

I thought it would be cute to get a piggy bank to store my “cookie dough”, get it?  😉  I stumbled upon an Etsy shop that featured custom hand-painted ceramic piggy banks.  I emailed the shop owner and told her what I wanted one for and she was so sweet!  I was really just looking for a baking theme.  She not only visited my blog, but she painted the cookies from my posts all over the bank!  It’s really special to me because I remember all of those batches – what event/who they were for.  For example, the hot air balloon is a cookie I made for my nephew’s first birthday party.  The engagement ring was from my very first blog post about my friends Rachel and Tyler.

Long story short, I love it!!!  And I highly recommend her store!   Thank you, Katie!


She put my name in the rolling pin – look closely!



Pardon the booty shot



♥ LL




Just a quick post…

This is the type of cookie you make for the last day of work of one of your best buds. Going to miss you, Curtis!

♥ LL

Just for fun

So my brother got me a set of 101 cookie cutters for Christmas.  The set includes all letters of the alphabet, so I had to try them out.  I decided to spell out the names of two of my favorite little girls – the daughters of my dear friend, Eileen.  Their names are Amelia and Elise, but they often go by Mia and Ellie.  I think these cookies are ALMOST as adorable as the girls.  I hope you like them!




I think the girls got a kick out of these, and I really enjoyed making them 🙂

♥ LL

Hilton Head Island Lighthouse

I was asked to recreate the lighthouse in Harbour Town on Hilton Head Island for a very special occasion.  I was flattered, and could definitely not say no.  I have visited this lighthouse countless times in my life, as HHI is not only my favorite vacation spot, but I also was fortunate enough to live there for a few years.


20131231_115748  I had to modify the cookies a bit once I cut them out of the dough because my lighthouse cookie cutter has a house on the bottom  Good idea to keep in mind that you can always alter the shape of your cookie if your cookie cutter doesn’t match exactly what you’re looking for.  Another example would be the diamond ring cookies.  My cookie cutter doesn’t have a hole in the  middle, so I used a separate circle cookie cutter to alter it.


Until next time…   🙂

♥ LL


Love is in the air

Happy Saturday everyone!

I got to try out my skills on some more diamond ring cookies, thanks to an order from my awesome friend, Andrea.  I have to say, these are some of my favorite ones to make.  I changed them up a little bit from the original batch I did in an earlier post.  I was able to find a small circle cookie cutter that fits perfectly inside the diamond ring cookie cutter.  So you’ll see that the ring itself is thinner this time – making the diamond stand out a little more.






Thanks for checking out my latest batch!  I’ve got lots more to come 🙂

♥ LL