Can you match this bedding?

This batch will look a little familiar – considering I used a picture of them as the background for this blog when it was originally launched.  I actually made these cookies a couple years ago, but they are still one of my favorite batches to date.  (I probably say that a lot.)  But these were rather unique.  A friend of mine approached me about making a custom batch of cookies for a baby shower she was attending for a coworker.

She sent me links to the bedding that the mom-to-be had registered for and asked if I could use the colors and at least one of the shapes in there as a guide.  Here are the pics I was given:


I knew the colors would be pretty easy to match, and narrowed the shapes down to the leaf, the owl, and the frog.  I got really lucky and happened to find an owl cookie cutter that was very similar to the owl in the bedding.  I have to be honest though, I didn’t have a lot of confidence that I’d be able to make them look like the owl on those sheets.  Fingers were crossed big time on these…


Side note:  I’ve learned a few random things since starting this blog and posting these pics:

  1. I desperately need new cookie sheets – mine are looking pretty sad
  2. My photography skills are lacking (but you get the point)

Like I was saying – I’m a horrible photographer, but this one makes me laugh so I had to post it. I love how every owl looks he’s looking in a different direction. Kinda creepy.

Special thanks to Lindsey for the order for these cookies!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  I will be working on Christmas cookies very soon, but I have some other ideas in the mix for this month as well.  Suggestions always welcome!

♥ LL


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