Congratulations Rachel & Tyler!!!

My super sweet, awesome, and fun-sized friend, Rachel got engaged last month to another one of my equally sweet, awesome, yet not so fun-sized friends, Tyler.  This was such exciting news!!!  We all met at work right here in Raleigh.  After a few years of being great friends, they finally realized that they were perfect for each other.  Seriously, how cute are these two?!Image

Of course I thought the perfect engagement gift would be some cookies 🙂  I’ve made some for Rachel before for her 30th birthday – I’ll have to post those later.  Those were some of my favorites!

These cookies are a little different because I used sprinkles this time.  I also had to improvise a bit and find a creative way to cut the circles out of the middle of the ring 🙂





I realized as I started these first few posts, that my most recent batches were for some of my closest friends – Tricia, Eileen, and Rachel.  Just wanted to thank all of you (and Tyler of course) for being such great friends and being so supportive with my baking and the new blog.  You guys are the best.  Love you all 🙂

As always, please feel free to reply to this post with any ideas for future batches/comments/questions.

♥ LL


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