Tricia’s Wedding Cookies!

As it grew closer to my best friend’s wedding in October, I thought more and more about what I wanted to give her.  I knew I wanted to incorporate some custom cookies in her gift some how.  I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to do it, so I looked to her registry for some inspiration.   I went to Macy’s with my mom looking for something that might spark an idea.  I stumbled upon a cookie jar/tin that she registered for and I was SO excited!  The rest was easy.  I mean – I’m not going to give someone an empty cookie jar.  That would just be rude 😉

As I searched through the rest of the registry, I picked up a couple other things – one of which was a set of kitchen towels with rolling pins on them.  I decided to pick those up and use the colors in the towels as my color palette for icing.  I debated on shapes to make.  It was a Fall wedding – so do I do leaves?  Do I do a wedding theme?  Hearts?

I went with wedding cakes and hearts because I had never tackled the wedding cake cookie before and I was anxious to try it.  (Plus I can work the leaves into my Thanksgiving batches here shortly.)  I went with the double hearts as well – though it would be cute to personalize them with their initials.

new collage

— Side note:  I’m trying to be better about taking progressive shots along the process —

I filled up her cookie jar full of cookies, and I also made gift boxes for all of her girlfriends that came out to celebrate for dinner and drinks the weekend before the wedding on Hilton Head Island.  I found the semi-transparent plastic take-out boxes and iridescent paper at Michael’s  – simple custom party favor that everyone seemed to enjoy.  I was honored that Tricia used some of the cookies just a few days later at the rehearsal dinner.

I have a few more that I will posting soon.  I’ve been a busy baker lately!  I hope that keeping up this blog will inspire and motivate me to bake more often.   Please feel free to reply to any post with any ideas/comments/questions.

♥ LL


7 thoughts on “Tricia’s Wedding Cookies!

  1. Love the blog … really love the results of all your hard work … you can see all the care and talent in the smallest of details that you captured in the cookies. Bravo!!!!


  2. Lauren, I LOVE the blog! You are such an amazing cookie artist! I am proud of you and touched that you chose my cookies as your first blog. They taste as good as they look! YUMMY!


  3. You have taken the baking we did when you were younger to whole other level and I am so proud of you and impressed with your talent and creativeness! xo


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